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Frank Rohenes

A dedicated researcher with a profound interest in health-related topics, particularly the secrets of healthy aging through a holistic approach. I want to spread my knowledge and research, making it accessible to those who, like me, are on the path of healthy aging.

My main interests are mental and physical health, sports, informatics, and metaphysical subjects. I am aware of the critical role that my thoughts and emotions play in my life circumstances and overall well-being. 

I studied Computer Science and worked as a computer programmer and consultant for over nine years. In 2015, my journey led me to become a tennis and pickleball instructor for seniors in Florida. 

For someone born in 1949, I am in very good shape. I live a prescription drug-free life, with blood pressure, sugar levels, and other markers well within the desired range.

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Our Vision

At Healthy Aging, we aim to empower you to lead a vibrant, fulfilling life as you age.  We will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to thrive during this phase of life. Visit our Blog page.

With our tips and carefully selected products, we aim to enhance your quality of life with a holistic approach to aging, strongly emphasizing wellness, active lifestyles, and a sense of community.

Let’s change how we approach aging, enabling you to lead an active and fulfilling life well into your golden years. 

Join us on this path of healthy aging. Together, we will redefine the perception of aging as a journey of joy, resilience, and purpose.

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