Discover the Future of Personalized Health

Advanced Home Testing, Powered by AI

In-depth Body Intelligence Test

Viome leverages cutting-edge AI to analyze your gut, oral microbiome, and cells, offering a comprehensive health test right from your home. 

By identifying nutritional imbalances and toxic build-up, Viome guides you toward sustained wellness.

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Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life

Viome is perfect for those who prioritize their health and are proactive about healthy aging. Ideal for Baby Boomers and their kin. It’s tailored for individuals seeking to invest wisely in their well-being.

Viome Benefits

Benefit 1
Comprehensive Snapshot of Your Well-being

Viome’s Full Body Intelligence Test provides a detailed analysis of how your diet and lifestyle impact your cellular health, biological age, and gut microbiome, empowering you with actionable health data.

Benefit 2
AI-Powered Dietary Recommendations

The AI system of Viome offers personalized food and supplement advice, serving sizes included, to nurture your body with precision, eliminating the guesswork in your diet.

Benefit 3
Exclusive mRNA Technology for You

Using proprietary mRNA sequencing technology, Viome provides unparalleled insights into your gut and oral microbiome and blood transcriptome, setting new standards in health monitoring.

Positive Health Experiences

People using these tests felt empowered. As the say goes, “Knowledge is Power.”  

These innovative tests bring to light the subtle health issues and guide to correct them with tailored nutrition, leading to remarkable improvements in vitality and health.


Technical Excellence in Health Testing

Viome Life Sciences is at the forefront of health technology, offering the most advanced analysis for personalized health recommendations. They’re redefining health care, one test at a time.

Save $100 on your Viome test now! Use code “FRANK.”


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